Your Greatest Seed

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What’s Your Greatest Seed?

Right now, you’re having some dreams of what you want to accomplish in the future some day.  But as the saying goes ‘Some day never comes’ unless you start writing your vision and start taking action to go after it today.  Some of us are dreaming of making a million dollars some day in the by and by.  Again, some day will never come unless you make your dreams concrete and put a plan behind them.  To get to a level where you’re impacting the world around you, you’ll need at least two things:  Strategy and Courage!


Every time I sit down early morning a ton of strategic ideas start coming to me, and I have to write them down lest I forget later that day what the Lord was showing me to help me move forward, and to encourage others to follow their own dreams.  Before you write a plan, you must have a strategy in your mind.   And the plan is nothing more than the strategy written out in details as to how to execute and accomplish the set goals.
For example, every business plan shows a vision for where the owner plans to take the business.  However, before a plan is ever written, the business owner has to have a strategy that they will execute day in and day out to get the business off the ground and moving towards solvency.  A plan simply shows how you will execute your strategy, and the bank won’t lend you money (should you need it) because they know if you have no written plan, then there’s no real strategy to create substantial income surpassing business expenses so you can start returning their loan with interest.  Even written plans don’t guarantee success, but at least there’s a clearer path with detailed projections.  So strategy is where it all starts, but that alone won’t be enough.


Many of us understand the need for strategy, and even start writing a plan.  However, when it comes to implementation this is where the men are separated from the boys, and the women from the girls.  You see, just because you have a plan doesn’t mean it’s going to yield results immediately.  Business and ministry, all require that unknown element that we all tend to overlook sometimes in our plans.  HUMANS!  Yes, without human beings involved with you, the plan will not succeed, and this why we must learn not to depend so much on our plan or written vision but those who will read it and run with it.  They become the pillars that make the execution of your plan possible.
For the longest, I had the skills.  I developed my skills because I wanted to execute on my plan.  However, just as we are a Body, everything we plan to execute on will require a body!  The first requirement is choosing your Board of Directors.  Jesus chose the Apostles and 11 out of 12 made it all the way.  That’s a 916.66 batting average.  Even Babe Ruth couldn’t come that close!  We know Jesus was perfect, but His followers had to willingly agree to His plan and follow it to yield results, which is why it’s still going today.  These men and women who followed Him had to be COURAGEOUS!  You now need COURAGE to go and choose those who will help take the vision forward.  They want to connect with it and help you move the needle to have a sure impact.  Your VISION is not something to take lightly.  You’ll need help to move it!

Your VISION is your greatest seed

In everyone of you is a seed of VISION, but you must write it into a plan, a strategy for doing ministry or building some new business.  You must write the vision.  You must write the business plan.  You must set time aside to write the strategy that you’re getting for your house, your businesses, and any ministry you’re being given.  For if you don’t take time to write it, how can you expect others to catch the vision and run with you?
The greatest gift we’ve been given is VISION.  God has gifted you as a leader, but you must take time to go to the well and pull out your best, instead of the ‘crap’ you’ve allowed to come up from the surface.  Sorry to say that but it’s true for too many of us who are not willing to take the time to hear our Father.  There’s more beneath the murky water you keep pulling from your mind.  Go deep into your heart where there’s nothing but clear, life giving water.  Then take the time to go to the well and pull out words of wisdom and understanding.
Today, I got up reviewing and re-writing my strategies for the rest of this year and the next.  Until you write the vision and make it plain nothing will come to pass.  You’ll just keep living the same old ‘Groundhog Day.’   No one will come along to help for there’s nothing documented.  I’ll leave you with this statement that I learned in 2013.  Documentation beats conversation.  This is why God had to have Moses document the creation up to his day of leading the children of Israel in the wilderness.  God cared enough to document His plan for the human race.
What is your strategy?  Are you willing to write it and make it plain?  And then will you have to courage to go make it happen by allowing others to come alongside you?  I challenge you to get out of your own way and go make it happen, because no one else on earth can do it like you do.  It’s unique to you, and it will bless many now and in the generations to come!

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