Well, That Was Jesus!


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Well, That Was Jesus!

In today’s episode, I’m speaking about the fact that many of us sometimes give up on our authority and faith. When you say “Well, that was Jesus!” or it’s because they were the “Apostles of the Lamb” that they could do miracles then we’re literally rejecting the authority that was entrusted to every believer to do greater things than the Lord Himself did while on earth. Have you negated your faith by doing this in the past? Please watch, comment and share.

Also, I’m preparing a new teaching set where we’ll delve into faith on a deeper level for a number of days. As I’ve put it on the video, I’m looking for your input. Would you like it for A. 21 Days? or B. 30 Days? And if you desire C. Some Other Topic, please let me know as well what that topic is. Looking forward to your comments.

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  1. These look aboslutely fantastic, I love the photos showing them getting bigger. Your boys sound like real successes, your brother must have been very proud of them.

  2. los patriotas que se dan golpe en el pecho como aquella que en unas olimpiadas ve a su hermano con el banderin y se le saltaron las lagrimas ante milones de espectadores los monarquicos y aqui en su pais millones de personas que le cuesta trabajo llegar al final del mes , pobrecita la infanta de naranja que lastima la dado ve a su hermano el bombo sabeis lo que os digo a la … salud y republica

  3. Olcia, przymierzam sie do do tego :-)Gos, polecam :-)arek, to szkoda ze tak daleko jestes do tych paczkow…Ania, ach posrebrzane lych, to moja zazdrosc nei bedzie mala konca 😀 :*Tili, no szkoda ze tak daleko, bo wpadlabym z ta mamolada, by oslodzic Ci luty… Trzymaj sie cieplutko :*

  4. The Westport Library is literacy heaven for children, the programs are great and the children’s section librarians are wonderful! Dan, you could catch one of the storytimes under the tree next Summer, it would give you a whole new perspective of our beloved library!

  5. Very thoughtful post…without a doubt, the dynamic would have been the same in this house, but God has a funny way of making those decisions for you, what a sense of humor He had with us!! (although today I lack some of the admiration of that sense of humor with 1 consecutive hour of sleep due to teething unhappy children!!) Kidding of course, we are blessed, as are you..with 2 or 3! 

  6. *lol*You had me cracking up with the three types of bloggers, especially since I know at least one from each category. To be honest, I prefer to hang out with the mixture of 1) and 2) expats, but yeah…there’s much less drama there.

  7. 8-12-12edy spune: am downloadat placa video de pe saitu de mai susu spus de tocilau ii dau sa se instaleze se instaleaza si la jumate im ida erare asa :setup was unable to findcomponents that can be installed on your current of software configuration .Please make sure your have the reguired hardware or software ce inseamna asta ma ajutati va rog +37V-a ajutat acest raspuns?

  8. Good catch, editing now. I assumed you remembered the Academics of Halo thing. You and Shadow were going on and on one night about DMR vs BR and bloom or something. It started in the lobby, we played a 10 minute game, and when we came back to the lobby you were STILL talking. It was funny, we made a comment, you jumped back and told us to consider you and Shadow the “Academics of Halo”. Lulz were had.

  9. Sich Fehler ein zu gestehen ist wichtig, ich kenn die Thematik. Kluge Sprüche braucht man da am wenigsten… Mir ging es auch schon mal wie dir, genauer gesagt 2 mal. Aber wem nicht? Die meisten verlieren ihr ganzes Geld, nur die die danach mit Demut und Weitblick, Liebe und Geduld weitermachen gehört die Zukunft. Relativiere Geld und schöpfe kraft aus den Dingen die wirklich wichtig sind und mach weiter!!!

  10. Prem’s!!!Trop d’info tues l’onfo, heureusement vous soulevez d’autres thèmes que Toulouse, même s’il y a un certain nombre de marroniers dans les vignettes (c’est pour ça que ces sujets sont sous l’encre?)Bon week-end et bonne dédicace

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