Weekly Reflections Episode 008

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In Episode 8 I share about those who know their God will do exploits. You are set to overcome every situation set against you. Knowing your covenant is key. Let the force of faith come from inside of you!

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Much Love,
Pastor Pierre Laguerre


1 Comment

  1. Thank you for the response! Now that was something I was looking for. However, how come Dynasty Forge claims their metal is “1060 spring st281&#e2el;? Their blades are forged by the same forge that produces the Cold Steel Warrior (which also claims spring steel 1050). Are they adding something to the steel (ie. Silicone or Chromium) which gives it the bending ratio and resilience as shown in the cold steel videos? If so, how are they still able to call it 1060 and spring steel in the same sentence? Reply

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