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  2. I would like a refresher of the Taxonomy of Modern Dangers (TMOD), please.I grock the independents; Zombies, Face eating monkeys and killer space robots. I can kind of understand the Ninja-Vampire camp.But the Pirate/Hippie/Werewolf camp has me questioning. Can we go through it all again?Mr Fixit

  3. Thanks for your support throughout the day Leora, it was awesome.Due to the shortened daylight hours and the amount of travel between some locations my aim was to average 1km in each lake. Total distance for the day is now confirmed at 11605 metres. I started in complete darkness at 6am and finished at 8.53 pm.I say job done!

  4. Well Grinder, I don't know about athletes, but Wyclef has been putting his money where his mouth is for years. You need a talent hip-hop artist to raise funds your some progressive cause, Wyclef is your man.For Pat Robertson to say something so racist & silly should make any good Black Christian think twice (well three times) before sending that old bastard any money.

  5. Nelson Nachtigall / Tenho 13 anos e não gosto deste tal de dialogo..é assim…oh… escutar as pessoas me dizer o que devo fazer…ora só na china.Leitura de livros…..mais nem…pensar….perda de tempo…Um livro os escritores enrolam…descrevem os personagem…paginas e paginas e nem esta na metade…e alem do mais não dizem nada de util…O que vale é o exemplo….isto sei ver muito bem…Não dialogos sem sentido logico me dizendo opiniões por qualquer coisa errada que fizemos…alias ..errada pra eles.Agora chega…de papo.Gostei deste comentário ou não: 2

  6. Alexandra,Achei o seu blog por acaso pesquisando no Google (em inglês) sobre toda essa confusão que vem acontecendo entre Brasil e Espanha. Fiquei absolutamente fascinada pelos seus posts, vc está de parabéns!Gostaria de colocar esse post no meu blog, com seus devidos créditos claro, ele traduz muito bem o que penso sobre essa situação, posso? Tb sou brasileira descendente de italianos, mas irlandesa por escolha

  7. Thanks for your post, Barbara. You explain this issue very well — and explanations about what screening mammography can and can’t do are badly needed. The message that catching cancer early is so ingrained in our thinking, it’s hard to let go. But it’s important to know the limits of what we’ve got to press effectively for what we need. Thanks for your work on this issue.

  8. we were in west monroe. what's the name of the song you opened with? loved the concert. don't know if you noticed, but we were the family with 3 kids on about the 4th row. i had one of our girls in my lap the whole time, but still managed to worship (hoping to lead by example)! it was the 1st concert for our kids and i was so excited to bring them. thank you to fbcwm for making that so affordable and you and your team for making it so memorable!

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