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“There was a time…”  This is my new series that I’m working on to become my FIRST BOOK.  As promised a week ago, I’ll give you a free sneak preview each week.  Like and follow our ministry page Kingdom Oasis​.

The Introduction

Why even write a book?  Who’s going to spend time to read a book anymore?  Despite all the odds against why you should write, there are many reasons to embrace it – especially writing about yourself.  You shouldn’t leave this earth without leaving your memoirs behind.  Who’s better to tell your story than you?  Did you know Moses wrote about himself, or the Apostle John wrote about himself as did the Apostle Paul in his epistles, and many others who never had one book canonized?

So why write about you?  We know you already, most might say.  Well, as the saying goes, “You can fool some of the people…, but you can’t fool God.”  Ok, I know I shortened that saying, but my wife always jokes that I don’t know much about the American English idioms as I tend to put them in my own terms or turn them completely around in some cases.  My point is you should tell people your story.  You have a perspective on your story that no one else holds.  After all they are not living your life.

One day, those who survive you will have many stories to tell about you from their own perspective.  They only knew certain aspects of the person that you were. While that’s not a bad thing, it’s still an incomplete view of the person you were.  You should always share your perspective on the life you’ve lived so others not only get wisdom, but are also able to gain some great understanding into why you took certain actions or followed a certain course.

My purpose for writing is to share on how I became a free man in Christ, and how you can too regardless of what you’re currently fighting.  The greatest deception in life is to think you’re free when in reality you’re living in total darkness.  By sharing my story so far (because I’m becoming freer every day), I hope it stirs you to choose freedom for yourself and for your family.

You may say, “Pierre, I’m already free.  I don’t understand how I can walk in more freedom.”  Some of you may even joke, I was never a slave anyway, so this book is not for me.  Wait a minute!  We were all born in slavery.  I’m talking about slavery to sin.  No need to hide from it.  Furthermore, whatever you serve you become a slave to.  I’m talking about the freedom to be you, who you’re called to be without apology, yet at the same time being able to live in greater freedom until it spurs others to choose the path to freedom. This may spread to those close to you, even your friends and acquaintances or total strangers for that matter.

Freedom as defined by the Webster-Merriam dictionary is:

the quality or state of being free as (a): the absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or action, (b): liberation from slavery or restraint or from the power of another , (c): the quality or state of being exempt or released, usually from something onerous.

I will further add my own definition:  it is to be able to bring every (dark) aspect of your life into the light so you can now deal with it without fear.  Freedom is knowing that God is watching you and knows all about you, even what’s to come, and yet He chooses to love you and direct you into your destiny.  Freedom is entering an intimate relationship with the Lord knowing He knows all and loves you unconditionally like no else can.  Freedom is being open to His correction which can sometimes come through your wife, your kids even, your boss or a peer.  My point is those who walk in true freedom submit to the King of Kings who has their best interest at heart.

It is indeed for freedom that Christ set us free.  Freedom only exists in the light.  This is where all our deeds are manifest, and our hearts are exposed to reveal the underlying motives and intents despite everything we’re telling ourselves and others.  When it comes to your heart, you can be deceived.  I still fight deception every day. I strive to know my heart, and expose it to light so I can walk in more freedom with my Lord.  Frankly, I can only ask Him to search my heart and expose intents and attitudes that I may not even be aware are causing me to run from freedom, like a cockroach running to hide in the dark.

Here’s an example of how your heart can deceive you.  You may say “Yes, I’m willing to go the distance,” but deep down you may not even be aware that the moment you hit one obstacle your true attitude of heart shows itself right through by cowering to the circumstances or making excuses.  You quickly run back to your comfort zone like a little dog with its tail between its legs.  This is why I invite you to expose your heart to the light with me so you can walk in even more freedom.

So, as I write this book, I hope it stirs you to choose freedom.  My true hope is that you decide to live in the light (or more light) so your deeds are clearly exposed to reveal your true heart to you.

In His presence there’s fullness of joy and pleasures evermore.  There’s freedom there to be who He created you to be.  If you’re not free in any area of your life, I hope that my anecdotal stories can spur you to open up to His light, and let it shine in any area you’ve been nurturing in darkness in the hopes that no one finds out about, so you can keep your outer reputation. But there’s a reputation that only God can establish, that no man can destroy when you become free in Him.  Will they revile you for His sake when you take on His reputation?  Absolutely.  Will people like that you’re exposing your darkness to the light?  Some may criticize you while they’re doing the very same thing. My friend, it is for freedom that Christ made us free, and I can’t wait to share these stories with you, and help you walk in the freedom that exists in Him and Him alone!

So, with that said, please go ahead and share what you’d expect to see in this book?  What areas of your life are you currently struggling to bring into the light that you think this book should deal with?  (Disclaimer:  I may not deal with your subject, however, I will add many comments I get online in the book – so this is your chance to “co-author” with me.)  Please share, and come back next week for the next installment.

Pierre LaguerrePierre A. Laguerre
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“My Focus is to help you walk in the Kingdom life daily, and to challenge, inspire and motivate you to walk in lock step with the One sent to help you.”

P.S. If you’re on the road to becoming a disciple you can’t afford to walk in misguided faith.  Check out Fixing Your Faith by Gary Keesee, a teaching series that has helped my walk in the last few years.

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