The Heart Of A Mother!


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The Heart Of A Mother

As Mother’s Day is upon us, I want to remind you of a few reasons why you must cherish your mother. Of course, you’re probably already thinking “I love my mom and I don’t need anyone reminding me.” But if you’ll read the next few paragraphs you’ll remember why you love your mother so much and what your mom truly stand for if you’ve had some issues with her in the past or even now.

Spiritually speaking, mothers have so much faith. It takes faith for a mother to carry a child for 9 months, then faith to give birth, and eventually faith to raise that child so that tomorrow he or she can become all that God has called that child to be.

A Quick Story

Allow me to quickly share a story with you. My mom had me as her only child and son. All I’ve known is a woman who was always working to make life better for me since I was able to understand who she was in my life. She always worked as a teacher so that she could create a different life for me. But there’s more. You see, at 16 years old when I left Haiti, I came here in the United States to find my mother (who left a few months prior) already working to prepare a place for me.

Now she wasn’t a teacher anymore – even though she was qualified for 17 years back in Haiti. She was cleaning people’s homes, and did so honorably. God promoted her. The funny thing is that eventually she ended up becoming a Nurse’s Aide at the Hackensack University Medical Center where she’s developed her passion to always be in the medical field helping people. She’s also pursuing more certifications and licenses at the age of 67! Now that’s faith!

Faith of Mothers I know

My reason for sharing this short part of my mom’s story is to show you how much faith a mother can have. First, she had to raise me alone (for the most part). She promised herself she’d make a man out of me (being that I never knew my dad). I had to come to know my Heavenly Father to become that man, but she paved the way! Many of you out there have not known one of your parents, but it’s amazing the faith mothers possess to raise their children, regardless of the circumstances.

Now, she’s not the only strong woman I know. I have aunts and a grandma who’s turning 97 years old in less than 2 weeks and they are strong women too. They have raised sons and daughters and overcome many challenging circumstances of their own to see their children find the path of life. It’s probably the same in your family. Furthermore, I see another great mother at work. It’s my wonderful wife who has been raising our three children with me. She is an amazingly strong and sensitive mother! She is a woman of faith and a heart focused on God’s promises.

Mothers have faith!

Mothers will see a totally hopeless situation, and yet believe God to see it turn around! There are many women in the bible that bear witness. Sarai was barren but eventually conceived and bore a son Isaac to Abraham at 90 years old. Hannah prayed and God heard her prayers and she bore a son, the prophet Samuel, who anointed King Saul’s, and later anointed David as next king of Israel. Elizabeth was barren but she eventually received a child of the Lord by the name of John the Baptist who announced the coming of the Lord and His Kingdom!

Here’s the kicker for a mother with faith! Mary never knew a man, but she believed God and conceived a child of the Holy Spirit whose name is Yeshua/Jesus! She learned a lot about the child’s future and eventually saw it come to pass. This woman had so much faith that even after she witnessed her Son go to the cross, she cried at his feet, but never lost hope. When Jesus arose from the dead, Mary was in that room where the 120 gathered when the Holy Spirit came and filled them all.

Mothers are full of hope!

She was not only full of faith but she was faithful to bear the child and now be filled with the same Spirit that her Son was anointed with once He started His ministry. That’s faith!! Now let me make it personal. Maybe you’ve had a fall out with your Mom. Now that’s really tough because mothers are usually so close to their children. It could be because they carried that baby in their womb, and they most likely cared for that child early on through breastfeeding or raising that child. But regardless, you may have some differences of opinion with your mom. However, without her faith to carry you to birth, you wouldn’t be here!

Mothers forgive!

It’s time you forgive her, and get past your petty differences. Besides, it’ll be really funny when you find out the facts and truth about what your mother had to put up with that you may not have ever known or understood. Call your mother this weekend, or better yet visit her and spend some time with her.

Now, maybe you’re a mother, and you’re having a tough time with some decisions you made in your life. It’s time you get over the past and call your sons and daughters and forgive, and seek forgiveness from your children. You’ve had great responsibilities, and you have to get past your mistakes and start loving again as the amazing mom that you are.

Happy Mother’s Day!

God is love, and He’s given mothers a love like no other. Sons and daughters, let’s call our mothers today and remind them that we love them, and thank them for the love they showered us with, and the faith they exercised for 9 months and many more to raise us so we could have more opportunities than they’ve had. It’s time to call your Mom and wish her a Happy Mother’s Day! Don’t delay!

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