Prayer of Healing

I receive today everything that pertains to life and godliness so that I may live to declare Your Kingdom on earth.  My body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who lives in me and was given to me by God.  I do not belong to myself for God bought me with a price.  So I honor God with my body.  I release all worry and concern for my body because the One who owns it also created it and knows full well how to repair and maintain it for His glory.  I choose today to spend my time and energy on spiritual fitness.  I receive a peaceful heart, which leads to a healthy body.  All my wisdom comes from the Lord.  I fear Him and turn away from evil – for then I will have healing for my body and strength for my bones.  I exchange my weariness and heavy burdens for your rest.  You, Lord, satisfy me more than the richest foods so that I choose you instead.  When I am tired, you give me power!  When I am weak, you offer strength.  If I depend and lean on you, you give me new strength.  I fly high on wings like eagles today.  I do not grow weary when I run.  I do not faint when I walk.  I do not spend money on food that doesn’t give me strength or that does me no good.  I hear the Lord and He tells me where to get food that is good for my soul.  The Lord guides me continually, watering my life when I am dry and keeping me healthy. I am a well watered garden, an ever flowing spring.  I serve only the Lord my God.  He blesses my food and water.  He protects me from illness.  My heart is cheerful today , and it does me good.  My spirit is not broken and I do not get sick.  So whether I eat or drink or whatever I do today,  I do it for the glory of God.