Moving Forward in 2014 on Solid Ground

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0006 CI_15565-07DGHow have you been challenged in 2013?
What goals did you have that you never reached?  How will you recuperate and move forward in 2014?  These are all great questions, but there are some requirements as you move toward your goals. We need to make sure you’re not hitting the road without doing a spiritual tune-up.

In 2013, my family and I hit some real challenges.  Challenges that caused us to identify areas of weakness and challenge our faith.  We had to grow further as a family and embrace the fact that challenges will always come.  The question is:  will you be ready when they come?

Finally, after carrying a vision to start a gathering of kings for years, we launched Kingdom Oasis in October, and started holding meetings at our house.  We have seen people get born again, and exisiting believers starting to deepen their faith in The Lord and grow in their giftings.  This is only the beginning of the work that He’s called us to do and many are bearing witness, but most importantly His Holy Spirit is leading us.  We have plans to eventually start holding meetings outside the house as they have been growing, but we’ve found that people will open up more in a face-to-face group environment. They allow their pains and memories to come to the surface and be dealt with so healing can come.

Our vision for K. O. is “a place where kings come to be refreshed” as they are taught foundations of walking with the King in His kingdom.  We see a K-12 school also developing as part of the vision, as we currently homeschool our own children.  We see many adults returning to their first love while moving towards walking with His Spirit consistently and developing a confidence in God and His power to manifest His word in their lives as well as anyone they come in contact with that is open to miracles, signs and wonders.  Manifestation must follow the word and it must happen outside the four walls of church or home!

Moving into 2014 we have a few initiatives already.  One of which is to get everyone who connects with K. O. to start feeding on His word like never before, and there are some fundamental principles that we’re exhorting everyone to start with that we’ll be teaching and demonstrating in the new year.

Prayer is the first.  We want to see our members renewing their minds and prayer in the spirit and with the understanding is the first place to start everyday.  There are many revelations reserved for those who will pray in the spirit regularly as the Holy Spirit, the Counselor and Teacher, wants to help us all grow in our understanding of His word.

Fasting is also key as we’re starting this new year with Daniel-fast (21 days of every vegetable and fruit), letting go of many starchy foods we’re used to – like regular bread.  We will publish more daily here. If you’d like to stay connected just join our list – Text ‘KO’ to 55469. Fasting has a way of helping us to hear Him much easier and move into faith with our actions.

Love is not noly a fruit of the spirit but God is Love.  We want to see everyone develop in this fruit even more.  1 Corinthians 13 gives great understanding of this love, and everyone may find it easy to grow in love with God, but His purpose is to see us get His heart for the world and love those who are even fighting us in the natural, for we wrestle not against flesh and blood but principalities and other spiritual forces in the heavenlies.  We need to take our seats and learn to see things from Yahweh’s heavenly perspective and love our neighbors as ourselves.

Worship is the next aspect, and we want to see everyone develop in personal worship.  While corporate worship is important, we must learn to worship The Lord for who He is on a regular basis, especially in our secret place.  It is part of our intimacy with Him.  Growing in love requires personal worship to The Lord. Confidence and true identity come from personal worship, especially during the tough times of life.

Last aspect of focus this year is growing in His Word.  If we’re not meditating and assimiliating the Word in as we’re growing in the Spirit we will lack some of the key ingredient necessary for our soul to be renewed and saved like our spirit.  The Word is where your reflection of the Son is.  The Holy Spirit needs that word in you to change things and point you to Jesus in all things.

At Kingdom Oasis, we long to see each individual grow in intimacy with The Lord so they can truly know their identity and be released in His authority in the Kingdom.  We want to see the saints mobilized like never before so they can impact the society at large and not hide from the main square.  Today in America we have freedom of religion but it’s been rewritten to simply freedom to worship – which means what you do is to simply be done within the church walls or at home instead of living an uncompromising life in front of everyone you work with in business and government.  We don’t want to see people grow in these things to hide behind four walls anywhere, but rather to have an impact on their immediate sphere of influence at work or wherever outside of their home or church.

Indeed, we’re looking forward to new challenges in 2014, and know that those who come along will grow in deeper intimacy with the King and realize there’s much more ground we have to take than simply sitting down warming pews.  We love you and look forward to seeing you take your neighborhood for His Kingdom this year.

Pierre & Yadira Laguerre

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  1. Janell,What a glorious post. I am still considering the above question you pose about first times. I liked your way of tying the U.S. election and Anna Karenina in a post. I finished on Monday and also feel the need to create a distance. I have not picked up another book all week. I am looking forward to part two of Ar;&t#8217is read-along.

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