For He knew all men…


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Everyday we live in a three-dimensional world where logic or knowledge dictates how we do things.  But behind all this there’s an invisible world that, if we dare peel behind the spiritual veil, will reveal all kinds of access and authority that awaits us.

Man was born as a spirit in the image of the Creator of all spirits, God Himself.  However, man fell from his glory and honor by giving in to a lower spirit being that was rejected from God’s courts for his disobedience to his Creator.  This spirit, sometimes referred to as Lucifer, was created to serve in music and praise.  However, he became jealous of the Creator and desired his throne.

Since this spirit seduced man to sin against the Creator, man has always exhibited the same usurping ways.  For example, in every form of man’s governments there’s always been b a faction vying to usurp the powers that be.  This is the same spirit of jealousy that works in the hearts of men.  Jesus, who was sent by the Creator to restore man, said this about man.

all menJohn 2:24-25
But Jesus on his part did not entrust himself to them, because he knew all people and needed no one to bear witness about man, for he himself knew what was in man.

Interesting that He already knew what was in man.  He understood the heart of man and that it had all kinds of rebellion.  This rebellion is what we’re all struggling to put down and allow true love to rise up in our hearts towards our fellow human beings.  When true love reigns those in authority will not seek to harm others while those who live under that authority will not seek to overthrow it.  This requires that we see the Kingdom of Heaven where there’s no room for tyranny or rebellion because it’s reigned by Love.  For God is LOVE, and that love overcomes all rebellion.  But if we don’t recognize that a desire for harmony (not compromise) comes from God, we’ll never learn to trust each other, and that’s why Jesus could not entrust Himself yet to man for he knew all men and what was in man.

But now that He’s resurrected He has sent the Spirit of God over two thousand years ago to live in hearts of men.  So, it is possible to experience Heaven on earth, but this will take a little time as every man has yet to subject their heart to the Spirit of the living God.


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