Daily Principles

Well, That Was Jesus!

Well, That Was Jesus! In today’s episode, I’m speaking about the fact that many of us sometimes give up on our authority and faith. When you say “Well, that was Jesus!” or it’s because they… Read More

Daily Principles

Your Little Faith = Fear!

Your Little Faith = Fear! In today’s episode, we’re reviewing why Your Little Faith = Fear. If you’re in doubt or afraid of your circumstances, then you need to get to a place where you’re… Read More

Daily Principles

The Key To Having Great Faith

The Key To Having Great Faith In today’s episode we’re reviewing The Key To Having Great Faith. Many know they have a covenant but don’t yet know how to tap into it by faith. However,… Read More

Daily Principles

Can Your Faith Fail?

Can Your Faith Fail? As we begin this new week, we’ll go over the reasons why your faith could fail. We’ll also cover what to do to prevent faith failures using the Kingdom principles already… Read More

Daily Principles

So, What Does Your Faith Say?

So, What Does Your Faith Say? As we recap this week, my question to you is “What does your faith say?” We’ve seen different examples this week, and we’ve talked about your words, and your… Read More

Weekly Reflections Episode 008

In Episode 8 I share about those who know their God will do exploits. You are set to overcome every situation set against you. Knowing your covenant is key. Let the force of faith come… Read More

The Heart Of A Mother!

The Heart Of A Mother As Mother’s Day is upon us, I want to remind you of a few reasons why you must cherish your mother. Of course, you’re probably already thinking “I love my… Read More

Age Is Only A Number

Age is only a number. Yes, it marks the amount of time you have lived on this earth, but in the grand scheme of eternity even a 100 years old is considered just a child… Read More

Kingdom Foundations Part 1

Today’s teaching is on the foundations of the kingdom, and what we ought to already know and walk in.  These are doctrines we must understand to go forward and bring the kingdom wherever we go…. Read More