It’s Time For Your Comeback!


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It’s time for your comeback!

How many of you have suffered a setback.
I’m sure we all have.
Bill Clinton got named the comeback kid due to coming from 3rd to second from Iowa to New Hampshire primaries.
The media gave him that name, and he sure did live up to it later on in the white house.
He actually served 2 terms and never got impeached despite his infractions in the white house.
Well, despite everything that happened under his presidency he did come back.
The point is it doesn’t matter how bad things look right now, there’s alway a possibility of a comeback.
Today, I’m asking you to look at things that are impossible and ask yourself where can you come back?
It looks impossible and that’s a job for the master of impossibilities.
Here are some comeback stories for you that He had a part in engineering or influencing at best.
The children of Israel, delivered after 400 years of slavery from Egypt.
Samson – He came back and brought the house down.
Gideon, he came back with his 300 and took Israel out of bondage from the Midianites.
David came back and became the rightful king after more than a decade of being a fugitive.
He also came back from an extra marital affair too.
Jesus came back from death and brought redemption to the whole world so anyone who wants it can enter into intimacy with God the Father once again!
Who else do you know with a good come back story in your life?
Maybe it’s you.  You may have suffered a setback but it’s time for your comeback!!
No matter how hard it may look, it is possible to turn your set back into a comeback!
This is Pierre your Daily Motivator – Catch up on the next episode.

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