Is There A Secret To Aging Gracefully?

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What does it mean to age gracefully?

As I turn 45 today, I want to dispel the myth that the older you get the worse things must get or feel.  In reality, I truly feel like I am 20!  This may, of course, “upset” some of you while most are happy for me wanting to find out what is the regimen that brought me to this place.  Well, here’s the real story!

The Early Years

Pierre at 3 years oldGrowing up in Haiti we learned to eat a lot of healthy food from the get-go.  However, one of the bad things about the Haitian diet is that we eat a lot of salt, which explains issues with blood pressure as people age.  Certain diseases and hereditary issues seem to plague Haitians too, like sickle cell, among others.  However, most of them age without the issues I see Americans having to deal with early on like heart disease, or cancer.

It’s In The Genes!

The GenesNow, I know it’s my birthday, but please allow me tMy Momo share with you something that can extend and maybe save your life down the road.  Consider my Mom, who’s now 67, but looks 40, most people ask her what she’s doing that makes her look so good.  Well, there’s definitely a part that is genetic that she inherited from her mother who passed on at the age of 91.  However, my mother knows

My Grandma Ages Well Too!

Grandma LucreceThis year, my paternal grandmother turned 97 years old.  We went to North Carolina to celebrate her.  Though she may use a walker at times, she’s still very strong and gets up and walks in her house.  However, she’s so strong and has all her faculties, and resells me stories of every one of her kids and grandkids from the time they were born till now.  You can again say it’s the Haitian genes!  It’s a blessing to hear her and laugh with her!

What’s the SAD Diet?

So, what am I doing to age gracefully?  First, a long time ago, I decided that the SAD diet wasn’t for me.  You know, the Standard American Diet?  Yes, that one!  If it was so beneficial how come so many of us (a higher percentage than ever) Americans end up with maladies and sicknesses that must be treated with special drug or worse yet, surgery, and sometimes cause untimely death!  How come we’re seeing heart disease on the increase.  There are many other issues like diabetes or SAD Dietcancer that could be prevented, but the SAD diet takes a real toll.  Our doctors are trained to deal with symptoms mostly and recommend drugs with side effects or surgery that’s not always the best for this body. However, the body is strong.  Despite all the abuse, it still regenerates billions of cells daily!  Did you know that according to science you have an almost new body about every week as billions and billions of cells in your body are being regenerated?  WOW!

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However, at some point, the body can’t take more, collapses and gives up the soul and spirit to its final destination!  So, again, I know it’s my birthday, and maybe you want to hear stories about when I was a kid and the dreams that I had and how I’m walking them out now in my life, but besides bringing you some joy, what good would those stories be to you?  I’m instead dealing with your life and what matters most.  Why?  Because I care.  I’ve seen too many people pass on way too early, and sometimes it was diet related, but many times no one had an explanation.  However, we know that nothing happens without a cause.  There’s always a cause.  Ask those who investigate accidents or those who conduct autopsies.  They tend to always put their finger on the real issue.

Do You Think You Own Your Life?

Well, your life is not your own.  Ha!  Do you think you own your life?  Ha!  If so, tell me how long you’re going to live!  Yet, there was One who said, “No one takes my life from me!”  The gall that a man would even try to suggest He was in control of His life and death!  Yet, we’re told in scriptures that death and life are in the power of the tongue!  That means your tongue!  Where am I going with this?  Follow, please.

It’s About Your Words!

WordsThis same man also put my whole theory about our diet potentially killing us at a lower priority than our words!  What?  Your words are more powerful than your diet!  Yes!  What you ate yesterday may give you indigestion, but eventually it passes.  While the words your parents, teachers, and schoolmates spoke to you years ago may still be dominating your life!  Matter of fact, some of us have set up our lives to prevent those words from ever coming to pass, but deep down those words may be haunting us!

The truth of the matter is that YOUR words are the most powerful words in your own life!  Your words can decide your destiny and set the course of your life.  You are where you are today because of words you said a long time ago – things that came from your heart out of your mouth!  Notice I said “things.”  In the Hebrew, words are interchangeable with things!  What a concept!  You believed them so deeply that today you’re living your life based on those words!  This, my friend, should not be a surprise.

What I Learned Years Ago!

So how does that relate to me and my birthday?  Years ago I discovered I could have what I say!  I had stopped taking in the SAD diet – whether we like it or not, our bodies are decaying as we grow older.  It’s more about how well we maintain them; hopefully, better than our cars!   However, I knew the importance of my words.  I had learned that what’s in my heart/spirit would eventually manifest in my words and soon in my life.  This, my friend, is a spiritual law.   It’s how things work in this realm!  Undeniable fact!  So, I decided to start understanding how my words were related to life and potential death – based on what I kept saying.

But I Found Some Secrets!

Ark Of The CovenantMoses lived until the ripe old age of 120 years. Yet, his eyesight was still fine and he was still strong when he died. Why is that? He lived in God’s presence constantly. One time he had been in God’s presence for so long that the people he was leading asked him to put a veil on his face.

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OK, that’s Moses you say, but what about me?  I’m driving to it.  In Genesis 6, God declares that His Spirit will not wrestle with man for more than 120 years of life.  While this has prophetic meaning biblically, he also sealed man’s fate on the earth.  (Understand, this was His way to stop the effects of man’s sin from causing more destruction upon the earth).   Now, some “biblical scholar” will come back and tell you that God only promised us 70 years.  My reply?  That’s just nonsense! The man who spoke this in Psalm 90 was Moses himself (he lived 120 years, remember?).  In that Psalm, he declares how his people were dying in the wilderness and living short lives for a major reason:  They were grumbling!  

There you have it!  Their mouths were causing them to die early!  Let me set the record straight here.  There are two ways to shorten your life.  First, the foods you’re ingesting can cause you to die early).  But the second way is by far the worst because it can corrupt the whole man.  It’s the words that are coming out of your mouth!  These words have been lodging as thoughts in your heart that when released can wreak havoc in your life and those around you!

What Are You Saying To Your Kids?

Speaking To KidsAnyone with children understands the importance of speaking right to their children!  For example, my wife and I don’t call our kids little devils, like I’ve seen some parents do.  But it goes deeper than this obvious one.  Are you putting thoughts in their minds that says they are lazy, incompetent and will never amount to much!  I hope not!  Words are more powerful than we think, and today on my birthday, I wanted to remind you the importance of your words and most importantly what’s dwelling in your heart!

The Real Secret To Aging Gracefully!

Holy BibleIf you want to age gracefully, find out about God’s word and He says about you.  He knew you in the womb before you were born!  He has planned a great future for you!  He has great thoughts to prosper you!  He will make a way for you!  He has reserved favor for you like no one else!  He will give you peace with your enemies.  He has provided healing for you – if you fall trap to what you eat!  He will renew your youth like the eagle’s.  He’s got many more benefits for you! He is such a good God!  But there’s one catch!  You have to come to Him.  He’s made a way into His presence by His Son Jesus Christ, and on this day, I’m open to any questions you may have about truly coming to Him knowing that His way is LIFE!  In Him is life, love and joy!  While my body may be decaying a little bit, I don’t feel a day over 20, and that’s because like Moses I’ve made it my business to learn God’s ways, spend time in His presence, and understand that He meant for me to live a fuller life here and now!  How about you?  Will you accept my invitation to learn more about the life He already promised you?

My Prayer For You Today!

Friend, today I pray you find the way to life and stop worrying about every little thing that my Lord has already taken care of.   We sometimes worry too much, and that will cause us to age faster too.  We say things we shouldn’t and therefore release death with our mouths!  Let us start living a life where we are taking advantage of the benefits already set aside for us.  You are called to live long and prosper.  Will you age gracefully with me?  It’s available to whomsoever will!  Let me know…

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