Fatherhood – Love your Father


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To be a Father is not to simply give your name to a child-man.
It’s not enough to have given your semen,
But you must stand and be a man,
So when that child becomes a man or woman
They know what it is to follow the Master’s plan.

DAD and son3The Father of fathers has loved us all
And gave His best, His Son, because we all
Had departed from the upright way.
He became the model, the way,
The truth and the life.
So we wouldn’t end up in strife

Outside of the Father’s home.
Fathers provide, protect and guard their home.
They love, they tend, they care, oh yeah, they cultivate
Their relations from wife, son, daughter and even motivate
Those who come along to step foot in their house.
Your vision they know how to arouse.

Today give thanks for your father
Even if he didn’t bother
to show up every day when you think it mattered.
It may be because he was so battered
With life’s responsibilities for you and for others
You may have never met, yeah, other sisters and brothers!

Who said fathers were perfect?
When you stop and reflect
Did you really suffer neglect?
Or were you in effect
Recognizing what it is to protect
And ultimately erect
A family that deserves respect?

DAD and son2Let us not quickly reject
Those fathers who were not present to check
On our everyday growing process.
Today forgive your dad, you know he’s not flawless!
Love your father for who He is.
It may be hard, but it is what it is!

Love him and the lineage he comes from.
Go and recover all the gifts that come
from his ancestors. Do not despise
All that the Father of fathers was wise
To place in your lineage.
It’s for your future connections and your linkage!



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