Daniel Fast – Day 6 – Is it Fasting or Feasting?

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Today, I started the day with prayer and worship.  I drank a lot more water than any other day.  Did more juicing with less ginger than yesterday.  Later in the day I also had a green smoothie using a Vegan protein powder.  Early in the morning, I went to the Holy Hill for further reading, prayer and worship. The word came to me about the difference between Fasting and Feasting, as it’s easy to go easy on this little discipline once you reach a few days and your body is no longer reeling from lack of the sugars, meats and dairy.  I came across a reference in one of my books on fasting, and decided to add an excerpt here for you here:

So, what does the body do when you fast? Dr. Shelton lists four main activities. Breakdown of body fat, thereby leading to rapid weight loss. This is beneficial because excess body fat increases the risk of heart disease, strokes, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, and many other diseases. Fasting is the “fastest” way to lose weight.Read more here. You’ll find quite a lot of great articles on that site well worth your time.

So, how was your day?  Do you have any questions?  Feel free to post them in our FB Group , and we’ll gladly address them.
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1 Comment

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