Daniel Fast – Day 5 – The Ginger Story


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On Day 5 of my Daniel Fast, a.k.a. The Fasting Diary.
Today I couldn’t get up without prayer and praise.  It’s a necessary part of my day now.  It’s interesting how fasting truly allows us to loose the bonds of wickedness, or should I say ‘prayerlessness’ (Heard that word somewhere before).  Anyway, I juiced more carrots and celery with apple and added some ginger to help cleanse the body. Capped the day with a double date with my wife and another couple who are receiving this email too.  How about you?
Almost forgot the ginger story.  I made the carrot-apple-celery with a little bit of ginger today (maybe too much).  Forgot to tell my wife, and she was quite surprised when she tasted hers.  So, needless to say I ended up drinking the whole thing because it was just too spiked with ginger for her.  Ha!  Now ginger is actually very good for the stomach.  So, do use it and make tea with it, which my wife is completely fine with, but not in juices like carrot-apple-celery.  LOL.
Anyway, let’s go forward to reaching day 21 as we’re already a quarter of the way there.

So, how was your day?  Do you have any questions?  Feel free to post them in our FB Group , and we’ll gladly address them.

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