You Can Have What You Say…


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Every day you can dwell in worry and fear of the circumstances that surround you.  Indeed, none of us is immune to adverse circumstances of this life.  However, when you dwell on your circumstances that is not going to change them.  Jesus came and demonstrated how we can change things by what we say.  He once came to a fig tree that was showing leaves but no fruit, and he cursed it.  The next day, Peter, one of his disciples, saw that the tree had died and was astonished.  Jesus was about to teach Peter, and all of us, a key principle.  He shared one of the keys to having victory over the circumstances in this life.  

mountain-in-the-seaMark 11:23,24
“Truly I tell you, if anyone says to this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and does not doubt in their heart but believes that what they say will happen, it will be done for them.
 Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.
Did you catch that?  Notice the parts that I’ve highlighted.  Let’s re-read this.    “If anyone says” includes you and me.  “This mountain” represents anything including a circumstance of life. “Go, throw yourself into the sea” bluntly means “get out of my face!” Think about it, if something is thrown into the sea doesn’t it disappear?  So it’s a command telling that circumstance to cease and disappear out of your life.  “And does not doubt in their heart” is where most people have trouble because most people don’t believe in simply saying something because it sounds like “Abracadabra” or something rehearsed.  This must be from your heart where you truly believe and mean what you say.  “But believes” reinforces not doubting.  When you know what you want there’s no doubt in you.  “What they say”  brings us back to your words.  “It will be done” entails there’s a force or power waiting to accomplish this, but it starts with your words.

In the second sentence, He’s still telling us “whatever you ask for in prayer” which simply means whatever you ask, not something rehearsed like repeating the model prayer ‘Our Father.’ And, definitely not begging but ASKING because you already have a right to it.  Since you’ve asked and know you have a right to it, like healing, then you can already “believe that you have received it.”  Notice how believing takes you to a place where you have received it.  When?  Right NOW!  See, if I gave you a check for $10,000 and you had no money at all, would you believe you’ve received $10,000 you can bank on?  If you knew me and knew that my check like my word was my bond, you’d already be jumping for joy.  Well, even more so with God.  He’s not a liar like men are.  His Word always comes to pass.   So Jesus teaches the moment you ask and believe you have received, know for a fact that it will be yours!  The check is what you’ve received, but the actual money in the account that you can eventually access and spend is what will be yours! Simple enough for me.

Jesus never teaches anything that doesn’t show us how to operate in His Father’s Kingdom.  So you may be saying “there’s no way I can speak to a mountain,” and yet you speak to inanimate objects every day.  This morning you probably spoke to your toothpaste, your shoes, your car or the traffic you were stuck in, and yet you don’t think you can speak to your circumstances?  The real issue is that most of us just keep meditating on the worst case scenario of the circumstances of life and we start to give up and we just keep saying what we already have.  This is called WORRY!  Trust me, everyone can already see what you have in the circumstances, so why rehearse them?  Will that change anything?  NOPE!  If you knew things would change you would speak and act accordingly, because obviously you would already know how to have the results as Jesus teaches.  You received whatever you needed when you believed and said.  NO DOUBT!  Of course this is why Jesus is teaching us to speak to the circumstances so we can act according to what we’re saying when we believe what we’re saying!  Get it?  It’s almost a play on words!

Your words are more powerful than you think.  They are spiritual containers that release power from the invisible into the visible realm.  Words are the manifestation of thoughts.  When you release your words, you’re literally releasing what you’ve been meditating on in your thoughts all along.  There’s nothing new-age about this.  This has always been a biblical principle.  After all, if you just read the first book of the bible you’ll see God releasing His word and creating a whole new world to place His supreme creation, man.

So, today instead of saying what you already have, which is nothing but worry, how about a little change?  Start dwelling on the truth and believing and speaking what you will have?  Stop meditating on what might be, and start speaking what you’d like to see.  Start telling things to change.  Believe it and you will have received it.  This is simply walking by faith in the Kingdom.  We don’t allow what we see to cause us to worry, otherwise our faith would be completely useless.  You must believe and speak what shall be.  It’s time to start having what you say.


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