Being a Father


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Being a father is the greatest thing you can be.

Speaking to young men under 100 years old.  (Yes, you may read this too if you are a lady.)

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Young man, one day you will step into the shoes of fatherhood.  But before you do, here is some tried and true advice for you.  I was raised by a woman, and learned fatherhood from a few men I looked up to, but once I submitted my life to the Father of fathers and took responsibility for my actions, I discovered that being a father requires understanding what being a son is first.


When I came to know Yahweh as Father He started challenging all my fears and insecurities.  I no longer had to give in to those and had to stop looking for a man’s approval.  Yes, I lived my life for a long time seeking to please men, but it only leads you away from pleasing your Heavenly Father, who cares more about your soul than any human being is capable of.
Young man, if you will give your life to please the Father of fathers you will eventually please your earthly father whether he was good to you or not, present or absent.  For those whose fathers are present, take time to cherish them and love them whether they were present at all your games or not.  Understand they may not have been the perfect model, but they did their best in most cases to represent the Father of lights!
Image result for picture of father with sonThose who missed their earthly father whether they are now departed or never knew them, you are to look to the Father of fathers who will show you a love your earthly father may have came close but could never fully duplicate.  God is love, and He wants you to run to him Young Man with every issue you’re facing right now.  He will place you among other men and show you how much he cares if you’ll simply let down those walls you’ve put up for so long.
Image result for picture of father with sonFather’s Day is for men who took the responsibility to stay through the thick and thin of life and stick by their families to provide, protect and guide them under the leading of our Heavenly Father.  Father’s Day is for men who want to grow up to become the model men to their sons and show their daughters what it is to be treated well by a man when that time comes in their lives.  Fathers are role models, and the best ones when they model their Heavenly Father.
Today, young man, if the issues of life are weighing you down, I invite you to submit all your ideas and desires to your true Father.  He’ll give you the love and strength to go on being an even better father who can rejoice in your responsibilities, and being the role model for your own children and others who look to you!  Enjoy your day Young Man.
Happy Father’s Day!

Pierre LaguerrePierre A. Laguerre
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“My Focus is to help you walk in the Kingdom life daily, and to challenge, inspire and motivate you to walk in lock step with the One sent to help you.”

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