Age Is Only A Number

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Age is only a number. Yes, it marks the amount of time you have lived on this earth, but in the grand scheme of eternity even a 100 years old is considered just a child in the book of Isaiah!

I have never felt old. Not for one day in my life. Now I have matured in my ways, and become more at one with who I am in God, but I don’t feel old. From a spiritual standpoint, I can tell you that age is only in the mind, and sometimes we are told to act our age, but our spirit will never really die since we will live eternally. You are not as old as you are told!

From a physical place, all my members are still agile and flexible. I have been playing basketball all week long, including today with my son and I feel great. Again, not to say that our outer shell won’t grow old. It does, but it is up to us to maintain it with exercise and good nutritious food. I love my green smoothies and I find them very revitalizing as I drink them on an almost daily basis. Friends and colleagues still ask me how am I so fit? It is not necessarily the genes as much as it is the kind of food I eat.

My mind is very alert and I am dealing with my kids who are very creative and growing up to take on the challenges that lie ahead. Meanwhile, I have taken on new adventures where I have to think on my feet when it comes to customer and reseller relationships. Technical challenges still get my juices going, but seeing people find solutions to their dilemma is even more rewarding.

Financially, integrity is being strenghtened in this important area of life. While I have great aspirations, I am also very realistic and understand that wealth grows like a tree. It starts with well established roots and then it grows branches representing the different areas you start building for future generations before passing it on.

Really, Age is Only a Number

So to me 44 is just another number, an even number, but it doesn’t define me or my life. There is a record on earth and in heaven about the life I have lived so far. I endeavor to please the King by stretching forth and attaining the prize of my high calling in Him. I recommend you do the same.
My mother is 66 years old but she lives like someone who is in her thirties because of the joy she chooses to exhibit in the work she does, and the hope she imparts in the people around her at her work place (both patients and colleagues).  She is not thinking retirement but rather to live a fruitful life all the way into her nineties.

I too endeavor to live well into and beyond my nineties, still imparting hope, joy and inspiring many along the way to follow their God-given dream. It is not going to come without putting my hope in the word of truth that is truly incorruptible.
Proverbs 3:1-2
1My son, do not forget my teaching,
            But let your heart keep my commandments;

2For length of days and years of life
            And peace they will add to you.


Pierre LaguerrePierre A. Laguerre
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“My Focus is to help you walk in the Kingdom life daily, and to challenge, inspire and motivate you to walk in lock step with the One sent to help you.”

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  1. Cool Andrew. See you around. A lot of my friends are getting ready to go to the Raw Spirit Festival in Santa Barbara this weekend. I am working so I do;7&821#nt think I’ll make it, but I’m going to try!

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