6 Steps To Help Simplify Your Life!

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Simplify your life

When you look back upon your life you’ll find many memories. Some of us are just more adept at keeping these memories alive in our homes than others are. I’m one of those. I usually keep every receipt around in drawers, and I track all kinds of papers in case I need them in the future. They have a name for people like me, but I’m no longer of that bunch, as I’ve been learning how to let technology help me.  Come along and I’ll share with you 6 steps to help simplify your life.

1. Admit where you are

bookshelfIf you’re a “pack rat” like I used to be, then the first thing you need to do is admit where you are.  Yes, we may all have good memories that we need with us, like a yearbook, but those things can be on a shelf. I justified myself for years because I love books. My wife would say how she never met a man who slept with his books. I admit it, I needed help. Over the years we cleaned house from a lot of my old stuff though. We even rented a dumpster one year to get rid of junk (old computers, to say the least) from the basement and attic and garage.


2. Let go of insanity

Empty RoomWell, after you empty just about every thing you feel completely free, but you know what they say about clean places. Suddenly they fill up again if you don’t have a plan for them. It’s insanity to clean up a room and then fill it with junk again over the next few months, and that’s exactly what happened in my case. I’m sure I’m not the only one who does this.  Let go of the insanity!

3. Remember: “Someday” never comes

The reason we do this is because we never had a plan for the space. We think after leaving a one-bedroom or two-bedroom place that moving to a larger house we’ll suddenly have a place for everything, and it should be so. However, without a plan for each room, we end up abusing the space and neglecting it altogether convincing ourselves that “someday” we’ll deal with it!  I know if you’ve read this far, this is not you, right? 😉

Seriously, you know that “someday” actually never comes until you decide to put it on the calendar between Sunday and Saturday. So what should we do in this case? You need to designate each room to its real purpose.

4. Accept each room’s purpose

Living RoomI remember our family room being full of boxes when we moved in our home 11 years ago, and this went on for almost a year until we decided we would start really being the hospitable people that we are and use the room for our guests, instead of giving our guests the sofa bed in our living room to sleep on! Did I mention “Insanity” earlier? You bet. You need to have a purpose for each room, or accept each room’s purpose for what it was originally designed. See what that room could look like when it’s serving its true purpose. Suddenly you’ll have a vision of order, and how to bring it all in its proper place.


5. Write a detailed plan

Just don’t be overwhelmed at first by the amount of work that lies in front of you. This is the very reason you were saying you’d get to this someday, but now that you have a picture of the future, you can start working on the plan. You should not take this work on by yourself all at once. You need to devise a strategy to knock it down piecemeal.  Write a detailed plan first.

For some of you this can be done in a day. It may be multiple evenings or days to get rid of the junk and classify/categorize the good stuff. The good stuff is your financial papers – income statements, large expenses, certain receipts. You need folders to classify that stuff. Better yet, let technology help you. Scan and get rid of papers you can get rid off. Nowadays it’s easy to save certain non-sensitive information the cloud. It may cost you less to put it on a Dropbox somewhere instead of keeping it all in a drawer.

The rest needs to be donated or sold on eBay. But don’t hold your breath on selling on eBay as you need to be clearing stuff out of your house as soon as possible. Give it away to a friend in need if possible. Otherwise, donate it at a local VFW or some similar service where they’ll accept stuff in good condition. Don’t kid yourself, if you look at it long enough you’ll think you actually need it. This is where a spouse of a different cloth comes in! She can classify junk quickly, and she tells me to just get rid of it since I’ve not used it for the last 10 years! OUCH but true!

6. Stick to the vision till the end

Office DeskNow that you’ve let go of the sentiments around the stuff it’s time to lay down your vision. In my case, I have a vision of turning the other side of the basement into a recording studio, and this has been fueling my plan. I now have a plan to get rid of stuff, and I already know where the good stuff that remains is supposed to go. Time for me to get to work. You’ll see the picture of my finished product in a few weeks before July is here – not someday! Putting a stake in the ground will help you to move quicker as this will keep fueling you to move forward and complete the junk removal in your house and in your life. This is only the beginning of the way to simplify your life!

Here’s the real lesson

Your life is like this house I just described.  You have many rooms where you’ve hidden stuff, but are not willing (read: refuse) to deal with.  Everything hidden will surely come to the light, and so you might as well start dealing with your past, and let go of the junk that has been sitting there gathering dust!

The Holy Spirit is the Master Planner.  He will deal with you in truth, and will lead you there gently without forcing your hand.  However, once you recognize that you must deal with truth, you’ll wake up to the lies you’ve been telling yourself and deal with the facts.  You have to let go of past hurts, and forgive so you can move forward without any hindrances. You have more control over your responses to those past hurts, and can change your life moving forward.  It’s time you simplify your life and stretch to your true potential!

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